Northwest AGC Chapter Info
The Northwest AGC Chapters Retirement Plan is composed of five AGC chapters located in the northwest. Together these chapters form the NW AGC Chapters Retirement Plan that AGC members have come to know and rely on today.

For additional information about participation in the NW AGC Chapters Retirement Plan, please speak to your local chapter's representative today. For additional inquiries please contact the plan's service providers.

Chapter Representative Industry Representative

  Alaska Chapter
Thea Scalise
(907) 561-5354
Richard Stanton Construction, Inc.
Rod Stanton
(907) 451-7437

  Idaho Chapter
Wayne Hammon
(208) 344-2531 ext. 312

  Inland Northwest Chapter
Cheryl Stewart
(509) 535-0391

  Oregon-Columbia Chapter
Colette Evers
(503) 682-3363
Brown Contracting, Inc.
Sean Emrick
(541) 338-9345

Hamilton Construction Company
Ken Maddox
(541) 746-2426

Kerr Contractors
Eric Luster
(971) 216-0050

  Washington Chapter
Kelly Barber
(206) 284-0061
American Life, Inc.
Sandi Heffernan
(206) 381-1690
AGC Retirement Plan Service Center: (877) 690-5410 | Fax (206) 938-5987