How to Save Money

AGC Retirement Plan can help you
  • Save administration and investment management expenses through the bulk buying power of AGC members in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska
  • Access a full range of investment options
  • Attract and retain the people who help make your company successful
  • Create a business tax deduction for the company, a valued employee benefit, and a way to diversify your company's investment
  • Reduce your fiduciary liability by participating in this multiple-employer program

The AGC Retirement Plan Offers
  • Prevailing wage plans tailored for the construction industry allows companies to compete more effectively on Davis-Bacon projects and improve company cash flow
  • Options including 401(k), Davis-Bacon, profit sharing, and the ability to award different contribution rates to various classes of employees
  • No hassle. Form 5500 tax filing is filed by the Trust not the individual employer
  • Fiduciary and administrative oversight by dedicated Trustees and professional service providers

Value added Services
  • No set up fee
  • No billed fees to employers
  • No billed fees to individual participants
  • 24 hour web or telephone access to account information
  • Professional plan administration
  • A support team that provides individualized plan and fund design, employee education, and ongoing services


AGC Retirement Plan Service Center: (877) 690-5410 | Fax (206) 938-5987