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Budinger & Associates, Inc.

The choices for investment, ease of access, options for self-management, and overall strategic goals appeal to young and aging workers alike.


The range of investment instruments was well developed between aggressive mutual funds (large and small cap) and conservative bond funds and government bonds.


We keep a watchlist of mutual funds (appended) so individuals can pick top performers to maximize their portfolios.


The availability of accounts on the website to update the allocations as personal conditions mature garners an A+ rating.


It really doesn’t require a degree in economics to compare returns, price-to-earnings ratios, historical data, and seasonal or global trends.


As personal goals and risk/reward benefits become increasingly flexible, such as paying off a mortgage or children become independent, re-allocation of resources into increasingly diversified investments meets the future planned retirement criteria we all strive to provide.


As a soon-to-retire employee, the 401k plan offered through the AGC has been extremely valuable, easily maintained, and well diversified through the last 12 years. Keep up the good work.

– David C. Lehn


Published on: April 18, 2022